All about Stilform Pens

Ballpoint PEN

To unscrew the cap, first get the pen in its closed position so that the middle section is revealed. Hold the middle section still with one hand and twist the cap with the other hand.

The ballpoint pen comes with a pre-assembled refill in black and size M (Ø 0,7 cm). Schmidt x Stilform refills in black can be ordered additionally as an accessory.

If you do want to try out refills of other brands, any Parker Style G2 Refills are compatible to the Stilform ballpoint pen.

We created the pen with a built-in counterweight as an anti-roll design. We provide various accessories such as wooden holders and pen bases for securing the pen with a best display.

A exclusively designed attachable clip can also be ordered to prevent rolling once and for all.

INK Fountain Pen

The nib unit is highly customizable and shipped separately. You can install them easily. Please see instruction or our tutorial video

he INK fountain pen can be refilled with a standard cartridge or an ink converter filled from bottled ink. See our tutorial video

Any international standard cartridges and converters with suction size of 2.26~2.30mm are compatible with the INK pen. Both short and long cartridges will work. Go to product pages of ink converter and ink bottle.

You can use any international standard cartridges or ink converters with a suction size of 2.26~2.30mm. Both short and long cartridges will work.

Examples of compatible cartridges: Diamine, Pelikan, J. Herbin, Caran d’Ache, Faber Castell, Visconti, Waterman, Kaweco

Examples of compatible converters: Schmidt K5 Converter, Faber Castell Converter

DO NOT USE: Parker, Lamy, Pilot, Cross, Platinum, Aurora, Sailor cartridges or converters. These are proprietary standards and are NOT compatible with your Stilform INK pen.

The INK fountain pen comes with an ink converter but NOT a cartridge. To fill up the converter, you will need to purchase an ink bottle.

As ink cartridges suffer from leaking problem during the transport by air, we don’t ship them with the pen anymore. A compatible ink cartridge can be picked up from your local stationery shop.

A steel nib is relatively rigid, the line width stays consistent. A titanium nib is more springy with higher flexibility, the writing pressure can affect line width. The writing with a gold nib is softer and more fluid, delivering a more luxurious feeling. The line width also varies with pressure applied.

The nib sizes are usually chosen depending on the size of your handwriting. The broad nib has a 0.8mm line width.

Click to see a writing sample of all nib sizes.

We have actually many left handed users! The Bock nibs you can find under “Accessories” are symmetrical.

If you are interested in nibs for lefties in particular, you can look for left-handed Bock nibs in size 5 (5mm) on the market.

The compatible Bock nib types are 060, 180, 076 (including calligraphic nibs).

All pens are already pre-aligned when assembled, if you are not satisfied with the alignment, please feel free to reach out to us though our contact us form. We will look into your case and provide the best solution.

ARC Gel Pen

Unscrew the bottom cap to change the refill.
See instructions or on the bottom of the packaging tray.

Your ARC gel pen comes with a pre-assembled Pilot Juice-Up Refill with a size 0.4mm in black.

All pens are already pre-aligned when assembled.

If you are not satisfied with the alignment when the pen cap is posted, you can adjust it with a Ø3.5mm screwdriver.

See alignment instructions or the backside of your packaging tray.


Every Aeon pen comes with a graphite tip. You can equip your pen with an additional Eternal tip by selecting the option on the product page.

The graphite tip can be sharpened with a piece of sandpaper or an exclusively designed sharpener which will be released in early 2023.

Yes, all veneers of AEON are FSC certified, this ensures that the wooden veneers are made from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The writing tips can be simply pulled off from the barrel. A small gap is present between the barrel and the tip for a better hold.


Currently we do not offer laser engraving service on pens. Sorry for the inconvenience!  We suggest you find a local engraver to do the laser engraving for you. 

The magnet is encased in aluminium or titanium pen barrel. It is not at all big or strong enough to cause damage to your electronics.