Stilform Warranty

Warranty Coverage:

Stilform is dedicated to providing our valued customers with high-quality product. We stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products, and we are pleased to offer a comprehensive two year (24 month) warranty against faulty manufacture on all Stilform items.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  1. Duration of Warranty: 
    This warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.
    Please retain your proof of purchase to verify the start date of your warranty coverage.
  2. Coverage: 
    Stilform’s warranty covers any defects or faults in materials and workmanship that occur during normal product use.
    This includes but is not limited to issues with clasps, links, adhesion, bezel fitting and other connecting components.
  3. Exclusions: 
    The warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from misuse, accidents, neglect, improper maintenance, unauthorized repairs or modifications, or natural wear and tear. It also does not cover damage to the product caused by exposure to chemicals, corrosive substances, or excessive heat.
  4. Warranty Claim Process:
    If you believe your Stilform product is experiencing a defect covered by this warranty, please fill in the form on this page.
      You must provide proof of purchase, a description of the issue, and clear photos showcasing the defect.
      Our Customer Service team will assess the provided information and guide you through the warranty claim process.
      If the issue is determined to be covered under warranty, we will either repair or replace the item, free of charge, at our discretion.
  5. Return Shipping: 
    If a product return is necessary, you will be responsible for shipping it to our designated service centre.
     Stilform will cover the cost of return shipping for the repaired or replaced product.
  6. Limitation of Liability: 
    To the extent permitted by law, Stilform’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product as outlined in this warranty document. Stilform shall not be liable for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages.
  7. Rights Under Australian Consumer Law: 
    This warranty is provided in addition to any rights and remedies available under the Australian Consumer Law. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Contact Information:

At Stilform, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and style in every product we offer. 

We are confident this warranty will give you peace of mind with your Stilform product.
Thank you for choosing Stilform as your trusted brand.


Customer Service Team
Stilform – A Renniks Group Brand
(Renniks Group Pty Ltd, ABN 31002213532)

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